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Riety Pahn At Our Runway

The talented Thai painter Riety Pahn created a painting during the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show presenting the MMU CIPANGO Paris collection.

The fashion show took place on March 5th, 2022 in an art gallery in the heart of Paris, in a green setting with brick walls. The artist was challenged to finish a painting in 10 minutes live in the middle of the runway.

As the inspiration of our silhouettes, her work referenced the desert with predominant colors like brown and orange reminiscent of the land of Namibia. To know that our MMU Collection is inspired by the Namibian people, the “Himbas”, and is meant to be leading edge with a touch of 60’s fashion. These influences can also be seen in Riety Pahn’s paintings. She uses fluid and light materials like those in our pieces. It was a way for us to merge Art and Fashion in a warm atmosphere. Her live performance was very well received and appreciated. We have this will to mix Arts and Cultures to enrich all experiences and in this case, to enrich this fashion exhibition.


In addition to her artistic talent, Riety Pahn is an influencer followed by 327K users on Instagram and 694K on the Youtube platform where she had shared her workout before the Big Day and then talked about her performance at the MMU Fashion Show, calling it “a very memorable experience”.


« The technique that I choose to use is to make color spots first and use the trowel to slowly shape the paint into shapes » – she said.


« It feels great that people just like my work »


More than a fashion show, it was a true art performance that we presented in collaboration with the wonderful Riety Pahn, an artist with whom we share a common interest in African inspirations.





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