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Once Upon a Time, in the Enchanting Realm of CIPANGO... Where Cultures Converge and Fashion Awakens.


A Tale of Inspiration and Fusion

Step into the captivating world of CIPANGO, where fashion becomes a magical journey inspired by the tales of Marco Polo and the fusion of diverse cultures. Led by Paola Pimentel, a visionary Franco-Dominican designer with an insatiable wanderlust, our brand celebrates the beauty of multiculturalism and the art of blending opposing worlds.


Unveiling the Harmony of Contrasting Realms

At CIPANGO Paris, each collection is a carefully crafted tapestry of two conflicting realms intertwined. Our designs embody the harmony found in uniting the United States, the birthplace of retro fashion, with Japan, a land that has gracefully preserved its unique identity throughout the ages.

The Essence of Urban Sophistication

Drawing inspiration from global travels, CIPANGO's creations exude an urban allure with a touch of oversized sophistication for men, and pleated elegance for women. Graphic shapes and multicultural influences adorn our designs, empowering wearers with confidence, elegance, and undeniable sophistication.


A Vivid Tapestry of Colors and Materials

Within our universe, elements reminiscent of these two captivating cultures effortlessly emerge. Vibrant hues such as cranberry red, forest green, and nude beige breathe life into our creations, while the choice of materials, including soft and supple suede, as well as delicately pleated fabrics, ensures a graceful and fluid drape.


Celebrating Multiculturalism and Eco-Responsibility

Embark on a captivating journey with CIPANGO Paris which started in 2021, where the love for culture and exploration intertwines. Inspired by Marco Polo's adventures in Japan, our brand embraces multiculturalism as its essence. Each collection is a harmonious fusion of two distinct cultures, a quest for equilibrium that resonates with our eco-conscious philosophy.

Emerging from a lineage of artistic talent in the Dominican Republic, Paola Pimentel's innate passion for fashion, styling, and artistic expression flourished effortlessly.


« CIPANGO Paris is the result of hard creative work combined with my passion for fashion. I hope to take you on a journey as far as my inspirations from the four corners of the world. » - Paola Pimentel

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Our policy framework includes our values, standards and the procedures we follow in the manufacturing of our products. This framework reflects our commitment to upholding core values and supporting responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

Short Circuit

Eco-responsibility is one of our pillars, if not the main one. On the one hand, this mission is reflected in the short supply chain used by our factory. We design, buy and produce in Paris. The whole process takes place in the same city. From sketch to production in our Parisian workshops, the creation of a garment takes place in the shortest possible time, in the most responsible way. Beyond the economic and common sense aspects of "local production", short circuits help to limit carbon footprints and raise consumer awareness of the key challenge of the 21st century: to consume fashion in an ecologically responsible way.

Eco-Responsible Fabrics

An eco-responsible product has a life cycle that complies with the rules of eco-design. Eco-design is based on precise standards, as part of an essential improvement process to produce better with less. There are over thirty natural, organic and recycled fibers that respect biodegradability as well as ethical and environmental standards. CIPANGO Paris innovates by promoting these new materials. For our first Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 Collection "Tanjо̄", we notably resorted to Piñatex pineapple leather, which is a more responsible alternative, avoiding any animal suffering and reducing pollution. What's more, our latest Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 "Sueño" Collection was made up of over 90% natural materials particularly linen, viscose and organic cotton. Whenever we can, we favor this choice of materials for reasoned production, a guarantee of quality that lasts over time.


Secondly, our manufacturing techniques follow precise restrictions in line with the values we uphold. In the creation of our second "MMU" Spring-Summer 2022 Collection, we used a brand-new ethical manufacturing technique: Upcycling. Upcycling" is a trendy but above all respectful phenomenon that reuses various objects and materials to create a new quality product. In adhering to this process for our "Sueño" Collection with a 0-waste objective, some of the fabrics we used came from fabric scraps from leading Parisian fashion houses. This enabled us to reduce our manufacturing impact while creating limited editions from top-quality fabrics.


Thanks to our certified partners who have put their trust in us. We use certified fabrics such as Piñatex, CottonBee and Sedatex. Once items are ready to wear, they are labeled and transported in eco-responsible packaging. We try to work with event and retail partners with whom we share an ecological conscience. For example, partners who recruit exclusively eco-responsible brands to encourage young designers to go green. This is the case with The Conscious Festival, in which we participated last year, and The Canvas, where our collections are available for purchase.

Let's not forget that sharing cultures is the starting point of CIPANGO Paris. As curators of multicultural fashion, each of our collections is the result of the blending of several cultures. Thanks to the beauty of multiculturalism, every culture in the world gets the recognition it deserves. CIPANGO Paris has already glorified several countries around the world: Japan and the United States for the first collection, Namibia for the second and finally the Dominican Republic and Korea have merged to bring you our latest collection.


Because we know just how hard it is to get the size, color and even the garment right in the fashion.

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