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Once upon a time, there was Cipango. Chinese name for the Nipponese archipelago brought back by Marco Polo on his return from the Silk Road. Franco-Dominican designer Paola Pimentel draws inspiration from her many travels around the world, proposing a method of "mixing" two opposing cultures in each collection.

Cipango respects a qualitative and ethical policy through "made in France" and the use of eco-responsible processes such as the recovery of raw materials from major brands and the refusal to use animal leather. Thanks to comfortable, flowing materials, our collections are imbued with subtlety and modernity. Like Marco Polo, our muse seeks discovery. She believes that our differences complement each other and that our multiculturalism is our greatest asset.

She wants to wear the beauty of multiculturalism. She wears Cipango.

For our "SIR" collection, which means "SECRET" in Somali, we were inspired by harmoniously merging influences of Somalia and Thailand. Drawing inspiration from the hidden beauty of Somali and Thai cultures , SIR mirrors the delicate balance between traditions. The intricate pleating, a nod to the precision and artistry of both cultures , is a symbol of unity and strength. Adorned in red, green and dark olive hues , SIR embodies the resilience and beauty born from conflicts. Soft, supple, and elastic, the fabric choice represents the strength found in flexibility , just like the enduring spirit of the cultures. As we delve into the secrets of fashion, SIR embraces the empowerment of urban silhouettes. With pleats designed for women, this collection epitomizes assertiveness, elegance, and sophistication, giving every wearer a truly captivating allure.


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