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For our first collection "Tanjō", which means "birth" in Japanese and is the result of a journey through time, history and our imagination, the main inspirations turn to two countries that have experienced terrible conflicts: on the one hand, the United States, the country of origin of retro fashion, and on the other, Japan with its unique sartorial identity persisting through the centuries. This unique fusion is underlined by strong colors: cranberry red, forest green and nude beige. The choice of materials is all the more important: soft, supple, elastic suedes and edge-to-edge pleating for a straight fall. Highlighting the urban silhouette with a touch of oversize for men, pleats for women, graphic shapes and multicultural inspirations, Cipango's cuts give wearers an assertive, elegant and sophisticated allure.

Once upon a time, there was Cipango. Chinese name for the Nipponese archipelago brought back by Marco Polo on his return from the Silk Road. Franco-Dominican designer Paola Pimentel draws inspiration from her many travels around the world, proposing a method of "mixing" two opposing cultures in each collection.

Cipango respects a qualitative and ethical policy through "made in France" and the use of eco-responsible processes such as the recovery of raw materials from major brands and the refusal to use animal leather. Thanks to comfortable, flowing materials, our collections are imbued with subtlety and modernity. Like Marco Polo, our muse seeks discovery. She believes that our differences complement each other and that our multiculturalism is our greatest asset.

She wants to wear the beauty of multiculturalism. She wears Cipango.

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