In CIPANGO's captivating universe, each garment is a living canvas expressing the world's culture, art and fashion. We enthusiastically invite you on a dreamlike journey, harmoniously fusing influences from Somalia and Thailand.

Somalia inspires our creations with its hypnotically pleated textiles. Bright colors evoke the geometric patterns of their traditional costumes, while light, pleated fabrics humbly evoke the warmth of the Somali desert. Each piece gracefully captures the graphic, pleated essence of this culture, to gently unite with the other Asian origins that have inspired us.

Thailand, a land of the exotic, adds a touch of elegance to our collection. These influences are humbly expressed in cuts reminiscent of traditional silk scarves inspired by ancient temples and sacred dances. Creations that suggest the essence of this land of exceptional beauty.

Multicultural Elegance

Our "SIR" collection is a testament to our commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing the infinite beauty of our world through the limitless possibilities of fashion.
Welcome to a new chapter in the CIPANGO story, where every garment is visual poetry, every cut a dance of elegance, and every step on the catwalk a celebration of the world's beauty.

Come and immerse yourself in our new collection