In CIPANGO's enchanting realm, each garment serves as a vibrant canvas, embodying the rich tapestry of global cultures, art, and fashion. Join us with boundless enthusiasm on a journey through dreams, where we seamlessly blend the inspirations drawn from the colorful vibrancy of the Dominican Republic and the minimalist elegance of Korea. Welcome to SUENO, where every piece tells a story of cultural fusion and sartorial elegance

For our Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 collection, we were inspired by warm, Latin influences crossed with the purity of Asian lines: the Dominican Republic and Korea merge, giving birth to a new fusion that is both warm and unique.

The Dominican Republic is associated with a cheerful, mixed-race people, shimmering tropical landscapes and a dreamy coastline. The traditional carnival is celebrated here in a profusion of colors and costumes, from colorful frills to the most unlikely devil masks.

Korea, on the other hand, is a country whose culture is renowned for its minimalist aesthetic, both in the cuts of its traditional garments and in its contemporary creations. So it's through colorful garments, dotted with prints, noble and natural materials and cuts that highlight every silhouette that Cipangol brings out the elements of these two countries: the colorful and lively style of the Dominican Republic mixed with the minimalist style of Korea.

Thailand, a land of the exotic, adds a touch of elegance to our collection. These influences are humbly expressed in cuts reminiscent of traditional silk scarves inspired by ancient temples and sacred dances. Creations that suggest the essence of this land of exceptional beauty.


Our SUENO collection epitomizes our pledge to cherish diversity and embrace the infinite splendor of our world through the myriad expressions of fashion. Enter a new era in the CIPANGO narrative, where every ensemble exudes visual eloquence, every silhouette a ballet of refinement, and every runway stride a homage to the world's magnificence.