Who are we ?

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Paola Pimentel, a Franco-Dominican designer, derives her creative vision from her extensive travels across the globe. Her unique approach involves blending two contrasting cultures in each collection—a concept she refers to as "mixing." Inspired by the concept of cultural fusion, Paola named her brand « CIPANGO ».

"CIPANGO" is the Chinese moniker associated with the Nipponese archipelago, as documented by Marco Polo during his return journey from the Silk Road. Polo's depiction portrays CIPANGO as an island nestled in the Levant, situated amidst the vast expanse of the open sea, roughly one thousand five hundred miles away from any neighboring landmass. This historical narrative resonates deeply with Paola's brand ethos, encapsulating the essence of cross-cultural exploration and connection.

What we do ?

Identifying future ready-to-wear products as a journey through foreign cultures, CIPANGO adheres to a qualitative and ethical policy through "made in France", favoring short supply chains and refusing to use materials of animal origin.

We offer collections full of subtleties and imbued with modernity, while remaining wearable for everyday life by everyone thanks to comfortable and fluid materials.

The packaging, made from recycled cardboard, is sourced from suppliers who also share this commitment to environmental sustainability. Today, CIPANGO is committed to combating Fast Fashion and highly polluting and unethical textile practices, opting for a more responsible fashion.

How we do ?

Today, we collaborate with a Parisian clothing workshop. This workshop was discovered through word-of-mouth and is committed to respecting the working conditions of each artisan.
What's more, our products are available in concept stores in the U.S., including Seaport and the Oculus Oculus store in Westfield.