In CIPANGO's mesmerizing universe, each garment becomes a testament to the fusion of cultures, artistry, and fashion. Embark with us on an exhilarating journey through MMU, where we artfully meld the influences of Southern Africa's diverse traditions with the avant-garde spirit of 1960s France. With each piece, we celebrate the heritage of the Himba people of Namibia and the bold creativity that defines our collection. Welcome to MMU, where tradition meets innovation in a symphony of style

Today, Southern Africa is considered the cradle of humanity. Since its creation, CIPANGO has shared values linked to multiculturalism and the fusion of traditional riches. Indeed, it was thanks to her experience with the great Nigerian designer Alphadi, that the young designer wanted to honor this continent of diverse cultures. For this second "MMU" collection, we drew our inspiration from those peoples close to their traditions and their lands, in particular the Himbas of Namibia.

The MMU collection, whose name means "land" in Tswana, is a fusion between these traditional African peoples and the avant-garde fashion of the 60's in France, which shook up codes with its graphic pieces. According to the legend conveyed by the people themselves, their ancestors came from Botswana and settled in Namibia after a long migration.

Using the warm colors of sand and minerals such as copper, with a sunny touch, this second collection showcases a mixed-race, urban and graphic silhouette. Upcycling is also at the heart of this collection, with materials sourced from recycled textiles from large houses, promising quality and ecology.


Our MMU collection embodies our unwavering commitment to honoring diversity and embracing the limitless beauty of our world through the transformative power of fashion. Welcome to a fresh chapter in the CIPANGO journey, where each piece evokes visual lyricism, every seam a choreography of elegance, and every strut down the catwalk a tribute to the magnificence of our planet.