In CIPANGO's captivating realm, each garment becomes a testament to the fusion of cultures, heritage, and contemporary fashion. Step into the world of TANJO, where we artfully blend the iconic retro styles of the United States with the timeless elegance of Japanese fashion. With every piece, we pay homage to the resilience of these cultures, crafting garments that exude confidence and sophistication. Welcome to TANJO, where every stitch tells a tale of cultural harmony and modernity.

"Our brand stands out through inspirations drawn from travels and cultures. For our first collection, the primary inspirations are derived from two countries with tumultuous histories: the United States, the birthplace of retro fashion, and Japan, with its enduringly unique sartorial identity over the centuries.

Emphasizing urban silhouettes with touches of oversized cuts for men, pleats for women, graphic shapes, and multicultural influences, Cipango's designs imbue wearers with a confident, elegant, and sophisticated allure. Within its universe, Cipango reveals elements reminiscent of these two cultures respectively.

This unique fusion is accentuated by bold colors such as cranberry red, forest green, and nude beige. Material selection is equally crucial: supple, soft, and elastic suedes, along with a raw-edged pleating for a straight fall. The 'Tanjō' collection, meaning 'birth' in Japanese, is the result of a journey through time, history, and our imagination."


Our TANJO collection symbolizes our firm commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing the limitless beauty of our world through the expansive realm of fashion. Welcome to an exciting chapter in the CIPANGO saga, where each garment becomes a canvas of artistic expression, every cut a choreography of grace, and every runway strut a testament to the beauty of our global heritage.


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